West Texas A&M University

Program Evaluation

Using Program Evaluation and Student Planning

Program Evaluation and Student Planning are a set of web-based, self-service academic planning tools that help students and advisers see what course requirements are needed to complete the chosen degree in a timely manner.

Program Evaluation allows a student to see their unofficial degree plan at any time and be sure that courses they are taking will satisfy degree requirements for their chosen major. It is intended to be an advising and planning tool and is not an official degree plan unless the Dean’s office has reviewed it and applied their "signature stamp." Currently, Program Evaluation is available for undergraduate degrees in the 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 Catalogs.

Student Planning is a planning tool which allows a student and adviser to work together to achieve the desired outcome for a selected course plan. Students can perform academic planning activities such as searching for courses, planning their terms, and scheduling and registering for course sections.

For additional help with Student Planning, Program Evaluation or registering for courses, please contact your academic advisor or Advising Services.