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The assignment tool in WTClass allows students to enter a submission directly into the assignment window, or to upload a file for submission. Keep in mind, it is the students responsibility to confirm that the assignment was submitted successfully.

Help with Assignments

  • How to Submit Assignments

    • How to view and submit assignments in WTClass.
  • Check Your Submission

    • How to check to ensure that you submission was successfully submitted into WTClass for your instructor to grade.
  • Find Your Grades

    • How to check your grade once you have submitted your assignment to WTClass.
  • Turnitin

    • What is Turnitin and how does it work?
  • SafeAssign

    • What is a SafeAssignment and how is it different from a regular Assignment?


Turnitin is a specific type of assignment instructors may assign. Turnitin is a worldwide accepted online proprietary system to assist faculty and students in identifying unoriginal work. Visit the WTClass Turnitin page for more information about Turnitin Assignments.