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The chat tool allows you to interact with other users using a text-based chat. Chat is part of the virtual classroom. You can also access it separately.

Use the chat tool when real-time discussion is required. Most students are comfortable with using some form of chat.

The chat tool was designed to be ideal for low bandwidth situations, such as when your students are connecting to your course using a dial-up connection.

At this time we recommend using Firefox to access Chat.

Please remember to make sure that Java is updated before attempting to use Chat.

Allowing Java to run (When Using Firefox)

  1. If prompted, click the “Allow” button in upper-right corner of browser window.
    Image illustrating associated text
  2. If prompted, click the “Allow and Remember” button in the upper-left corner of browser.
    If this prompt does not appear, click the Lego icon to the left of the address bar to open the prompt.
  3. If prompted, click “Run.”
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See Additional Chat Settings that may need to be adjusted in order to access Chat.

Accessing Chat Logs (Recordings)

  1. In your course menu, go to Tools and then select Collaboration.
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  2. Locate the Chat session you wish to view the logs for in the session list. Click the dropdown that appears when you move your mouse over the chat session link, and select Recordings.
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  3. Select the Session Recording form the list.
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