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While Blackboard products generally function well in many browsers, the following are formally supported and tested:

With PCs running Windows OS: With Macs running OS X:

*Microsoft Edge is NOT currently supported for use with WTClass (Blackboard)
**iPad's, tablets, and phone are NOT supported for use with WTClass (Blackboard)

While these may generally function with Blackboard, not all areas may work. It is recommended that you use a computer with a supported browser for completing your coursework in Blackboard.

Clearing Cache

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Mozilla Firefox
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Internet Explorer
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Google Chrome
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Apple Safari

Content Display Issues

If you are having trouble viewing all, content such as videos, ensure you are set to display all content.

Pop-up Blockers and Cookies

Pop-up blockers and cookie settings can effect how WTClass displays and works on your browser.

1. Pop-up Blockers: Please make sure that you have all pop-up blockers turned off. This may include the pop-up blocker built into the browser itself along with toolbars you may have installed (ex: Yahoo! Toolbar).

2. Cookies: Some tools within Blackboard are third party tools and my require you to accept third-party cookies in order to use the tool.

Internet Explorer:
Allowing Cookies: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab > Advanced > Override automatic cookie handling > Accept first & third-party cookies
Allowing Cookies: Tools > Options > Privacy Tab > History (dropdown menu) > Use Custom Settings for History > Accept Cookies from sites > Accept third-party cookies: Always
Allowing Cookies: Customize > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > UNCHECK Block third-party cookies and site data
Allowing Cookies: Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Block cookies and websites = Never

Additional Software

Necessary Technical Knowledge and Skills

When participating in courses in WTClass, it is vital to consider the technical skills needed in order to have a successful course. Students using the WTClass system must have knowledge of basic computer and Internet skills listed below.

Required Basic Skills

  • Getting online.
  • Using an Internet browser.
  • Downloading, saving, opening, and printing material found online.
  • Conducting Internet searches.
  • Composing e-mail/course messages and attaching documents. (Email/Messages)
  • Posting to a discussion forum. (Discussions)
  • Submitting to a drop box or assignment. (Submit Assignments)
  • Writing and editing with a word processor, such as Notepad, MS Word, etc.
  • Take online examinations. (Take a Test)
  • Learning new computer skills.

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