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Viewing the Syllabus through WTClass

Once you have access to your course in WTClass (5 days before the start of the term) you can access the Course Syllabus that your instructor has uploaded though the Syllabus module.

  1. In WTClass, click on your course from the My Courses module.
  2. Once inside of your course, you may find the Syllabus module on the "Home Page" or on the Syllabus course menu item.
    syllabus location in course
  3. In the Syllabus module, click "Course Syllabus" to open the syllabus.
    Course Syllabus module

Please note: if you receive the message "There is no syllabus uploaded for this course. Check with instructor." your instructor has not posted the syllabus for this course yet. Please contact your instructor to request the syllabus be posted.

Viewing the Syllabus through Buff Advisor

  1. On the wtamu.edu website, click on the MyBuff Portal link.
    MyBuff Portal icon
  2. Login, if you are not already logged in.
  3. Click the Buff Advisor icon.
    Buff Adivsor icon
  4. Click the Students link.
    Student icon
  5. Under the Registration section, click Search for Classes.
    Image illustrating associated text
  6. Select the Term, Subject, and other information to search for your course. Then click Submit.
    Image illustrating associated text
  7. Click on the Section Name and Title.
    Image illustrating associated text
  8. Click on the link WTClass for SYLB - See Course Syllabus on WTClass.
    Image illustrating associated text

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