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Your Test scores are posted to WTClass as soon as your instructor chooses to release your score. This may be directly after you take the Test or sometime later. Contact your instructor for further details.

Checking Your Grade

Here's how you can access your Test Grades once they've been posted:

  • Select the My Grades tool on the Course Menu.
  • On the My Grades page locate the title of the test. (e.g. Test 1) Your score for that test is located below the title.
  • To access more information about your grade, click on the Title of the Test.
  • If there is a Rubric, or Comments you can also click on those links.

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  • The View Attempts page provides a short summary of your activity related to the Test, including the date you submitted the Test.
  • To access detailed performance results and feedback for your Test submission, click on the Test Point Value listed in the Calculated Grade column. (e.g. 10)
  • Click on OK to return to the My Grades page.

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  • The Review Test Submission page displays the performance results you receive after completing a Test. The information displayed depends on the options selected by your instructor. Feedback will include one or more of the following: final score for the Test; answers submitted; correct answers; feedback for the questions.
  • When you are done reviewing your Test submission information, click on OK to return to the View Attempts page.

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