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Turnitin Student Information

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a worldwide accepted online proprietary system to assist faculty and students in identifying unoriginal work. The university has a license with Turnitin (iParadigms) to allow submission of student work to be checked for originality. The potential for the software to identify documents that have plagiarized text not only works as a deterrent to plagiarism but also can be used as a means to teach students how to improve their writing and research skills.

For information regarding Turnitin Status and Scheduled Maintenance Times for Turnitin visit Turnitin's System Status page.

Turnitin Story from Turnitin on Vimeo.

A Tip for Students

You will know that you have submitted your Turnitin assignment successfully by clicking on the assignment in WTClass. This will take you to the Turnitin submission page. If you have submitted the assignment, you will see your submission details. You can also download your digital submission receipt from that submission details page.


Training Videos

Writing Resources

  • Plagiarism.org: Plagiarism defined, tips, guidelines, suggestions, and answers to frequently asked questions.