West Texas A&M University

Community Tools

Different tools are available to provide interaction with faculty and students within WTClass.

Help with Community Tools:

  • Email/Messages

    • Information on the Email and Messages tools and how the are different in WTClass.
  • Zoom

    • Live web conferencing designed to simulate a live lecture classroom.
  • Discussions

    • Asynchronous threaded conversations allowing you to create initial posts and replies to others within your course.
  • Blogs, Wikis, and Journals

    • Allows you to post personal reflections and collaborative assignments with others in the course.
  • Groups

    • Groups provide access to additional features in WTClass to share items and discussion amongst group members.

Community Tools Issues


Email and Messages are two separate Tools in WTClass. Messages are contained within WTClass, while Email is a method to send a mail message out of WTClass. No record is kept inside of WTClass when an Email is sent.